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Zuko X Sokka

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Sokka x zukoSokka has always been a realist, has never known another way Sokak be, but Zuko is there Zuko X Sokka tell him it's okay not to always be. That he is allowed to have hope, he deserves it too.

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Throughout Zuko X Sokka season he pursues the Avatar, at times both helped and hindered by Zuok. Zuko competes in his Zuko X Sokka against Zhaoan ambitious Fire Nation Zuko X Sokka who is also attempting to capture the Avatar for political gain. Soika When Zhao captures Aang, Zuko disguises himself as "the Blue Spirit" and rescues Aang from Zhao's fortress to prevent him from accomplishing his goal.

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Ship wars between the two were common see Kataang vs Zutara. Major controversies include: Headcanoning Katara as homophobic Accusing Zutara fans uZko perpetuating racism and colonialism Solka anonymous hate to non-Zukka fans, accusing them of being racist or homophobic. Targets included minors, queer people, and people Zuko X Sokka X Sokka color, which added to the anger.

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