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Orlando Bloom Naked Vacation

Orlando Bloom Naked Vacation

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Katy and Orlando Vacatipn on vacation in Orlando Bloom Naked Vacation, Italy, and for some reason, he decided to strip down to nothing and paddleboard. Get all Hedonism II in that bitch, Orly. Living the life IS sitting comfortably on your chariot as a naked Legolas paddles you around.

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The snapshots showed a bareback Bloom while on vacation with now-fiancee Katy Perry in Sardinia. Things are extended on cameras with a big telescopic lens. Backgrid Bloom later recalled the phone call from Hardcore Porntube publicist, letting him know the pics were Orlando Bloom Naked Vacation.

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Late night shows couldn't let Twitter have all the fun, so after Orlando Bloom got snapped paddleboarding commando with Katy Perry, it was the hosts' turn to Rise to the occasion with some cracks of their own. Check their punchlines out below.

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