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In the Miley Cyrus version, the singer licks a sledgehammer. This has nothing to do with science. The whole Bondxr Bondar Desnudo is also a form of hate speech in my opinion, where she Carin Bondar Desnudo mocking the creation beliefs of the Christian community, not only here, but worldwide through YouTube.

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Carni Chilliwack school board byelection candidate Carin Bondar says Carin Bondar Desnudo stands by a video she made years ago that parodied a famous pop song. In that video, released inCyrus sits on an actual wrecking ball in a white tank top, underwear and Carin Bondar Desnudo while it swings back and forth. She also licks a sledgehammer at one point.

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We bust out our whips and chains, flouting our sexual ingenuity. But, as Dr.

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